2019: a year of growth in packaging collection

Rinki’s new annual report describes the most important events in 2019 in terms of packaging recycling, achievements, key figures as well as the 2018 packaging statistics. 2019 was busy in many ways.

By Rinki

Kuva Jarkko Mikkonen

The companies provide the funding, Rinki manages and supervises the operations

Rinki manages the collection of packaging waste from households and the recycling of glass packaging waste on behalf of the companies. In 2019, almost EUR 16 million was invoiced from producer-responsible companies to finance the tasks performed by Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.

Rinki is involved in lobbying

The focus of the lobbying efforts was on preparing the implementation of the reformed waste directives in Finland. This work was carried out in close collaboration with Rinki’s owner associations and producer organisations. Rinki was involved in the working group of the Ministry of the Environment and served as secretary in the group that coordinated the preparation of the Waste Act among packaging producers. With our lobbying efforts, we would like to see legislation that would allow for the management of the producer responsibility scheme to run smoothly and cost-efficiently.

Collection volumes at Rinki eco take-back points increased

The volumes of packaging that consumers bring to Rinki eco take-back points have increased every year. Last year, the collection volumes for cardboard, glass and plastic packaging and metal increased by more than 15 % compared to 2018. In 2019, Rinki collected 50,000 tonnes of packaging waste at Rinki eco take-back points and took approximately 24,000 tonnes of non-deposit glass packaging for recycling.

By optimising logistics we ensure that all 1,850 Rinki eco take-back points in Finland remain in good condition. We monitor the emptying frequency and react to any necessary changes as quickly as possible. The emptying frequency was revised almost 2,000 times in 2019. This allowed us to streamline logistics and keep the take-back points tidy.

The emptying frequency was revised almost 2,000 times in 2019.

Rinki’s consumer customer service team answered 20,000 questions and comments on sorting and recycling.

Companies report to Rinki, the overall recycling rate for packaging increased

Rinki serves its corporate customers, shares information about its operations and compiles packaging statistics. 4,500 companies with producer responsibility have fulfilled their responsibilities by joining the producer organisations through Rinki. Rinki’s customer service team helped numerous companies in 2019.

The companies provided Rinki with information about the volumes of various packaging materials they had used, which Rinki then used to compile packaging statistics for the authorities and invoiced the companies for recycling and customer fees. Rinki’s canvassing efforts resulted in more than 100 new companies joining Rinki and taking up their producer responsibility.

Rinki’s canvassing efforts resulted in more than 100 new companies joining Rinki and taking up their producer responsibility.

The packaging waste statistics for 2018 were completed in 2019. The statistics show that in 2018, the overall recycling rate for packaging in Finland was 70%, compared to 65% in the previous year. Finland exceeded the current EU and national material-specific recycling targets. Compared to 2017, the recycling rates in 2018 showed growth in all materials categories.

Communications reached consumers and businesses

The sorting and recycling of packaging attracted a lot of interest among consumers and the media in 2019. There were 633 news stories about Rinki in print media (no figures are available for 2018), and 355 news stories in digital media (281 stories in 2018). The tone of the news stories was 99% neutral or positive. The number of visitors to the website increased: the rinkiin.fi website was visited by approximately 270,000 users in 2019 (approx. 200,000 in 2018).

An overview of Rinki’s activities in 2019 is available on our website: rinkiin.fi/vuosikertomus (in Finnish).