End of dual memberships in producer organisations – here’s what you need to know

Producer organisations have terminated hybrid contracts with about 2,000 customers, as the producer responsibility obligations for packaging will have to be handled through one producer organisation in the future. Companies will have to sign a new contract with the producer organisation of their choice by the end of this year.

By Veera Niemelä

The Pirkanmaa ELY Centre has decided that as of 1 January 2025, companies with producer responsibility should belong to one packaging producer organisation only. Two packaging producer organisations operate in Finland: Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd (FPP) and Sumi Oy.

Hybrid contracts came about when five material-specific producer organisations became two producer organisations that handled multiple materials.
“Old agreements with the five material-specific producer organisations were automatically transferred to two new producer organisations: Sumi Oy for plastics and FPP for other materials. Customers of both these producer organisations are called hybrid customers,” says Maija Peltola, Rinki’s Customer Service Manager.

Contracts with the members of the two producer organisations have been cancelled and will remain valid until the end of this year.
“By 1 January 2025, companies must have a new agreement with one or the other of the producer organisations,” says Peltola.

Rinki sent messages about the cancellation to the affected companies on behalf of the producer organisations in June.

Companies are advised to sign a new contract well in advance

“The end of the hybrid membership clarifies the situation for producers. As a customer of one producer organisation, a company is subject to one set of terms and one price list instead of two,” Peltola explains.

Companies can choose which producer organisation to join. More information about producer organisations can be found on Rinki’s website as well as the Finnish Packaging Producers’ and Sumi’s websites. The producer organisations will publish their price lists for 2025 on 1 October 2024. You will find a recycling fee calculator on Rinki’s website, which can be used to estimate the recycling fees in 2025. The recycling fee calculator is available soon after the prices are published.

Peltola advises hybrid customers to sign a new producer responsibility contract well before the end of the year. “Companies must be proactive and ensure that there are no gaps in the management of their producer responsibility,” she says.

Producer responsibility for packaging is a legal obligation for all companies within its scope.

The producer organisations have authorised Rinki to register and manage their contracts with customers, and most companies can sign a new contract quickly and easily using Rinki’s Extranet service. Rinki’s business customer service team offers support for contractual matters on +358 9 6162 3500 and info@rinkiin.fi.