English 3.3.2015

A year of change starting: opening windows to Europe

The European Commission is withdrawing its proposal on a circular economy package. A reshaped package with more ambitious targets will be issued during the year. As a member of EXPRA, PYR is involved in influencing the package. PYR was approved as a member on 3 December 2014 at the same time as the Swedish organisation, FTI. There is good reason to be present when decisions are being made. More ambitious targets are important, but they require some reality and precision, above all in terms of common calculation principles and comparable statistics. In addition, national, geographic and demographic differences should be taken into account when setting the targets.

Take-back network for consumer packaging

The producer run take-back scheme for consumer packaging should be in place on 1 January 2016. Careful planning and the acquisition of the right partners through an invitation to tender for the various operations are essential to attaining an efficient end result. Along with waste containers and refuse collection vehicles, an important feature that cannot be overlooked is the provision of information to consumers, namely all inhabitants of Finland, concerning the take-back points, sorting instructions and changes that are taking place. We will need input from consumers to set in motion our own process, as used packaging and products must be sorted and delivered to the take-back points.

Take-back and recycling of glass

The first phase of extended producer responsibility for packaging will begin in May. At the time of writing, the search for glass recycling partners is at an advanced stage. Reception terminals for glass packaging waste will open their doors and recycling will commence on 1 May in accordance with the agreement between Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys, the Finnish producer organisation for glass packaging, and PYR. The quantity of waste glass take-back will amount to some 15,000 tonnes per year. This is where it begins with the first steps towards extended producer responsibility now being taken.