Wood packaging system 2020: towards the efficient and sustainable use of wooden pallets

The Kuormankantajat advisory committee has approved a sector-wide joint approach to wooden transport packaging, Puupakkausjärjestelmä 2020 (Wood packaging system 2020). The system aims at the sustainable use and management of wooden transport packaging.

By Rinki

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The wood packaging system will be introduced this year. It will provide information on the use, circulation and responsible procedures concerning wood packaging. The system is designed to streamline the required stock of wood packaging and the costs arising from it, and to allocate the costs fairly on the basis of use. It will take into account the requirements of environmental legislation.

The pallet companies that are members of the Kuormankantajat (the National Pallet Association) advisory committee are contractually committed to promoting sustainable practices. These companies are required to carry out self-monitoring operations in accordance with the instructions, and they are monitored through regular audits. The companies will be able to use the system’s sustainability logo as a mark of their responsible operations. The right to display the logo requires audits to be performed. The logo is protected by a trademark.

A sustainable approach to the use of pallets also requires other partners such as the packaging industry and the retail sector to cooperate and commit to responsible practices and high standards, including the use of standard pallets. When the system works properly, responsible companies always acquire pallets from suppliers who are committed to sustainability targets, promote the recycling of pallets by sorting and carefully storing them as well as effectively handle the logistics.

— Large companies can include the sustainable use of pallets in their sustainability activities and guidelines, and also require their subcontractors to use transport packaging in a responsible manner,  says Anssi Takala, Chair of the Kuormankantajat advisory committee.

The system is administered by the Kuormankantajat advisory committee, which operates in connection with the Yhteinen toimialaliitto association. The advisory committee hopes that all pallet companies will become members of the committee and commit to the sustainability system. This is how the sector takes care of its social responsibilities in terms of reuse, recycling and quality standards as well as safety issues. A list of the companies who have committed to the sustainability goals is published on the Kuormankantajat advisory committee website.

More information on joining the system: Jouni Lind jouni.lind@ytl.fi tel. +358 50 521 3305 http://www.ytl.fi/neuvottelukunnat/kuka