What’s happening with producer responsibility and reports? Rinki’s training session will explain it all

RINKI wants to keep companies with producer responsibility for packaging up to date with the ever-changing producer responsibility obligations. One important way of doing this is via Rinki’s free training sessions. The next online training session will take place in November 2022.

By Inka Hyytiäinen

Kuva Mikko Hirvonen

Changes to producer responsibility obligations, the outlook for new legislation, and the impact of these on producers. Reporting and the SUP Directive. These were the subjects that companies with producer responsibility hoped to learn more about through training in early 2022, and these themes were addressed at a training event organised by Rinki in May.

“It was very easy to take part in the event, and the audio and video quality were great. The training was very well organised, and the content was presented as a concise package. The attendees could also submit questions, which were answered and shared in writing. All in all, I’m very happy with the training,” one of the participants summed up.

Feedback from the other participants reflected a similar level of satisfaction. As many as 91% of the respondents said that they found the training session useful.

“A very good training session”

The livestream training event was held in Finnish, and an English-language recording of the event was also published.

The recordings can be found on Rinki’s YouTube channel, and so far they have been viewed almost 900 times. Approximately 400 representatives of Rinki’s client companies attended the event live.

All presentation materials for the training events as well as the questions and answers can be found on Rinki’s Extranet site for corporate customers in Finnish and English.

The next training session will take place in November

At the 2021 training event, 82% of those who submitted feedback hoped to see Rinki organise training sessions more than once a year. The clients’ wishes have been met as training events have been scheduled in both spring and autumn this year.

The upcoming training event in November will focus on the latest news on packaging recycling legislation, the merger of the producer organisations, the reporting of packaging data and changes to the reporting procedure. There will be plenty of time for participants’ questions at the end of the event.

As usual, the remote training session will be free for Rinki’s clients. The session will be held in Finnish, but a recording with English subtitles will be published after the event.

Rinki will inform its clients of the exact time and date of the event and registration in October. Welcome to the training event!