The new Extranet at your service in three languages

Rinki launched its new trilingual Extranet service for business customers in January. Companies can use the service to quickly and easily submit their annual packaging data to Rinki.

By Rinki

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You can find the Rinki Extranet service at, and it is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Instructions for filling in the form are also available in all three languages. Companies can also download the Rinki trademark and certificate, which are Rinki customer benefits, from the Extranet, and they can also use it to update their contact details, such as billing address.

The reform has also made it easier to log in to the Extranet. Previously, a customer number and password were required to sign in. You will no longer need to remember these; instead, the service will be accessed using the contact person’s email address and a one-time code, which will be sent to you by email and, if necessary, to your mobile number via SMS message if your mobile number is saved in Rinki’s register.

It is possible for a company to name multiple users for the new Extranet service, whereas previously only one person had access rights. There are two levels of user access to the service. The main contact person can both edit company details and report packaging data, while the person responsible for reporting the packaging data can enter the data into the system.

Why the new Extranet service?

“The service was redesigned to enable Rinki to better serve its customers and respond to their wishes. The Extranet is now available in multiple languages and can be used by more than one contact person,” says Maija Peltola, Customer Service Manager at Rinki.

Packaging data will have to be more accurate next year due to the changes to the EU Waste Directive, which necessitated the building of a service that is easy to modify. The new Extranet enables versatile further development, which will also benefit our customers as they have access to a better service.