The Marthas and Rinki encourage everyone to recycle their packaging

By Rinki

Kuva The Martha Organization

Rinki and the Martha Organization have joined forces to encourage people to sort their packaging. Offering advice on sorting and motivating consumers to sort materials is vital for Rinki’s operations. The Martha Organization, a Finnish educational association that focuses on home economics, is a natural partner for Rinki as it promotes a responsible lifestyle and is a pioneer in sustainable development. The Marthas know all about sorting and recycling.

The Marthas and Rinki have made videos on how to sort packaging that show how carton, glass, metal and plastic packaging can be sorted with minimal effort. Watch the videos here (in Finnish).

The Martha Organization is currently celebrating its 120th anniversary. The Marthas, who certainly did not show their age, took over the Senate Square in Helsinki on 14 September, where everyone was welcome to celebrate the Marthas’ activities and to explore how to live sustainably. One of the themes at the event was recycling and reuse, and the sorting videos made by Rinki and the Marthas were also on display.

“Rinki was also a natural partner for the Martha Organization at the event. Once again, we noticed how enthusiastic people are about sorting and how important it is to offer advice,” says Teija Jerkku, Director of Advisory Services at the Marthas.

Rinki and the Marthas will keep working together towards their common goals: to see more and more people sorting their packaging so that it can be recycled. Sorting is an easy way for everyone to do one important thing for the environment and for a more sustainable everyday life.