Rinki’s summer tour spread the word about sorting and recycling among holidaymakers

The joint tour organised by Rinki, the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association and Marthaförbundet covered towns in Finland's coastal areas. Rinki managed to reach numerous people who were spending their holidays in summer cottages and boats as well as residents in the archipelago areas. We offered them advice on sorting and recycling and information about how to keep the islands and water bodies tidy.

By Ella Mäkelä

Images Marthaförbundet, Rinki

Rinki organised a sorting and recycling tour in summer 2021 in collaboration with the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association and Marthaförbundet. The main aim of the summer tour was to raise awareness of the importance of sorting and recycling and keeping the archipelago clean as well as to advise consumers on sorting and the use of Rinki eco take-back points. Rinki wanted the tour to reach as many Finnish consumers as possible, which was why it was brought to the archipelago close to holidaymakers.

The tour was launched at the beginning of July with an event held in Ekenäs. The sunny weather attracted numerous consumers to the venue, the Rinki eco take-back point at K-Market Popsi. All tour events took place near local Rinki eco take-back points so that the visitors stopped at the venue as part of their usual trip to the sorting and recycling point.

We had interesting discussions with consumers in Ekenäs about the importance of sorting and the operations of Rinki eco take-back points, and we worked together to find solutions to consumers’ sorting issues. Visitors also liked the materials that we handed out at the event: brochures and bags that make sorting easier.

Cooperation: the key to a successful tour

The tour was arranged by three organisations who worked in close cooperation in four archipelago towns: Ekenäs, Pargas, Kotka and Kokkola. In addition to the organisers, a representative of a local waste management company attended the event in every town. Through our efficient collaboration we managed to create a tour that shared information from many perspectives while having expertise in the state of the Baltic Sea as well as in sorting and recycling.

Rinki shared information about the events on our social media channels and with a press release that was widely spread. We also sent separate newsletters about individual events to the media in the towns that hosted the events.

Recycling has a huge impact on how clean the sea is

The main goal of the tour was to increase awareness of the cleanliness of the Baltic Sea and the importance of recycling. Marine litter is a global problem, with plastic ending up in the sea being a particularly big issue. Rinki wanted to use the tour to encourage consumers to sort and recycle waste and thus protect the Baltic Sea, which is important to holidaymakers and other Finnish people alike.

Recycling plays a significant role in promoting sustainable development. When we recycle as much used packaging material as possible through sorting, new products can be made from the recycled materials and less virgin material is required. Sorting ensures that usable material is not wasted.

The discussions we had with visitors at the tour events show that Finnish consumers want water bodies to be clean and are keen to sort and recycle waste. We got to meet people who actively sort all their waste, and their questions made it clear that they want to learn more about sorting.

The sorting tour in a nutshell

  • What? A sorting tour of the archipelago jointly organised by Rinki, the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association and Marthaförbundet. 
  • Where? Ekenäs (2 July), Pargas (27 August) and Kotka (16–17 October). 
  • Why? The aim of the tour was to raise awareness of marine litter and the cleanliness of the Baltic Sea. The aim was to bring information about sorting close to consumers.