Rinki’s corporate and consumer customers share their views

Rinki arranged a survey in November 2018 to explore its corporate customers’ views of Rinki as well as to find out how consumers sort their waste and use Rinki eco take-back points. Companies find Rinki to be a competent specialist, and 79% of consumers are happy with the locations of Rinki eco take-back points.

By Rinki

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The corporate customer survey explored Rinki’s corporate customers’ and producer organisations’ views on Rinki’s operations. Strong expertise and knowledge of the industry emerged as Rinki’s strengths. Customers named a more customer-centred approach, transparency and more proactive communications as areas for development. They also wish to see simplified reporting procedures and clearer reporting guidelines.

The feedback from its corporate customers will help Rinki to develop its operations according to customer expectations. Corporate customers gave Rinki an overall rating of 3.6/5.

Consumers are more eager to sort their waste

The first Rinki consumer survey was conducted in 2017. 43% of households say that they are more willing to sort packaging waste than they were two years ago, while 53% say that their willingness to do so has remained unchanged.

The most commonly sorted packaging materials are carton and glass, and metal packaging is sorted almost as often. The sorting rate for plastic packaging has increased significantly since 2017.

The sorting rate for plastic packaging has increased significantly since 2017.

The main reason for sorting mentioned in Rinki’s survey was the desire to reduce rubbish in the environment. The role of recycling in curbing climate change is also considered more important than before. Just like in the 2017 survey, consumers say that a lack of space at home for the various different containers is the main reason for not sorting packaging waste; only a third of respondents said the reason was due to take-back points being located too far away.

Consumers are happy with the locations of Rinki eco take-back points

Rinki eco take-back points are located in places with a high footfall, such as shops. 79% of respondents said they were very or quite satisfied with the location of Rinki eco take-back points in their own community. People were especially pleased with the take-back points’ functionality.

A few more people also now use Rinki eco take-back points: 40% (33% in 2017) of respondents have used the take-back points, 40% (44%) have not used them and 20% (23%) are unable to say. If a respondent had not used a Rinki eco take-back point, it was most likely due to the fact that packaging waste was collected at the property where they live. Consumers aged 65-79 and 25–34 use Rinki eco take-back points more than other age groups.

Respondents know how to sort packaging waste

Rinki’s nationwide sorting instructions for packaging waste can be found on each collection container and on the Rinkiin.fi website. 70% of respondents said they had read the sorting instructions. People search for information about the recycling of packaging waste in particular on the internet, the instructions placed on the containers and the recycling leaflets delivered to households.