More than 36 million contacts – Rinki’s sorting school reached Finns

One sorting school, more than 440 different channels, 20 million radio spot listens and numerous articles. Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd’s spring consumer campaign easily reached its goals.

By Heli Satuli

This year, Rinki’s communications campaign took Finns back to the school desk and a relaxing sorting school. The campaign got down to the basics: the sorting school provided easy, motivating instructions on the right way to sort packaging.

“We wanted to get consumers to realise how easy it is to sort packaging. We also aimed to better justify why sorting is an important part of sustainable consumption and why it makes sense,” says Heli Satuli, Communications Manager at Rinki.

Impressive start on World Recycling Day

The campaign was seen and heard in more than 440 communication channels across Finland between World Recycling Day 18 March and 1 May, and is Rinki’s most extensive consumer campaign to date.

Besides being on TV channels MTV3 and Yle, numerous radio channels, outdoor advertising surfaces, digital advertising, advocacy cooperation and social media, the sorting school was also featured in buses in six different municipalities.

Respondents also said that the campaign motivated them to sort their waste more actively (65% of respondents) going forward

“During the campaign we reached a gross rating point of 36 million – a great result. Overall campaign product recall rose to 24%,” Satuli says.

Campaign research* showed that the campaign message was clear to 87%. Respondents also said that the campaign motivated them to sort their waste more actively (65% of respondents) going forward. Rinki used the previous year’s visual identity in the campaign. Consumers commended the pastel, joyful and slightly retro look this year, too.

“I’m really pleased that so many of Rinki’s member corporate customers with producer responsibility and our waste management authority partners joined the campaign. At least 50 parties shared the campaign material in their own communications channels. We want to further build on this cooperation going forward,” Satuli adds.

Even though the campaign is over, the sorting school continues. Find out about the campaign HERE.


Results of Rinki’s consumer campaign

Goal: better overall brand recall than in the 2021 campaign
Result: overall brand recall rose to 24% (2021: 17%).

Goal: to use the 2021 campaign visual identity
Result: the familiar visual identity was used and the available budget was maximised to acquire advertising space.

Goal: to reach the “large masses” target group, i.e. consumers who don’t have sorting at heart.
Result: we reached around 36 million gross rating points in more than 440 channels

Goal: to get the media visibility it deserves for the campaign
Result: the media release was published in at least 25 media (2021: 3)

Goal: to make a material package and encourage Rinki’s customers to tell about the campaign
Result: around 50 parties (2021: 10) shared the campaign material in their own channels


* Sources: Media agency Virta’s results report + research agency Kuulas Helsinki’s campaign research in an ESOMAR-certified consumer panel. A total of 400 respondents aged 18-64 across Finland.