Finns recycle packaging waste, come rain or shine!

Rinki’s consumer campaign to be launched in the summer will encourage all Finns to recycle packaging, and it will also tackle the most common problems with packaging sorting.

By Rinki

Image Rinki

The humorous campaign figure J. Jätevuori (‘J. Wastemountain’) has already taught millions of Finns about how easy it is to sort packaging during two previous campaigns – and now Jätevuori’s journey continues!

In the new campaign, Jätevuori puts his meteorological skills to good use: he predicts and observes how perfect the weather always is for taking packages to a Rinki eco take-back point. Expect, then, to see an increase in the amount of packaging taken to Rinki eco take-back points across the country.

People will be able to see and listen to the campaign until the end of the year through channels such as Rinki and its partners’ websites, on social media, on the radio, as well as at shopping centres and supermarkets. The campaign will also attend the public debate forum SuomiAreena on 15–17 July with a Rinki pop-up eco take-back point. All are welcome to visit our stand, where we’ll be talking about packaging recycling!

Mr. Jätevuori (Wastemountain) has come a long way since he started recycling a few years ago.

Jätevuori has come a long way since he started recycling a few years ago. He first found sorting very difficult but had a lightbulb moment during the previous campaign, and turned into a sorting guru!

Some of us may not be aware of Rinki eco take-back points and sorting can seem like hard work. The Rinki campaign is bringing packaging recycling to Finns so that they will learn to sort their packaging and become familiar with Rinki eco take-back points.