Finland exceeded its recycling targets for packaging in 2018

The latest packaging statistics (for 2018) show that the overall recycling rate of packaging increased by five percent compared to the previous year. Finland exceeded the current EU and national material-specific recycling targets.

By Rinki

Kuva Rinki

In 2018, the overall recycling rate for packaging in Finland was 70%, compared to 65% in the previous year. Finland exceeded all the current material-specific EU recycling targets in 2018. The national targets were also exceeded in all materials categories.

Recycling rate 2018 (%) Target (%)
Total Non-deposit Deposit EU 2008 National 2016 non-deposit National 2016 deposit
Fibre packaging 116 116 60 80
Glass packaging 99 98 100 60 27 90
Metal packaging 90 86 98 50 75 90
Plastic packaging 31 22 91 22.5 16 90
Wooden packaging 24 24 15 17


Compared to 2017, the recycling rates in 2018 showed growth in all materials categories. The recycling rate for wooden packaging increased the most, from 15% to 24%. A record volume of non-deposit glass and plastic packaging was also recycled. The recycling rate for glass packaging increased from 92% to 99%, and for plastic packaging from 27% to 31%.

Reusing packaging reduces the use of new packaging

Reusing of packaging increased in 2018. In 2017, the reuse rate of packaging was 61%, and this rate increased to 64% in 2018. When packaging is reused, the need for new packaging is reduced.  Metal, wooden and plastic transport packaging are the types of packaging that are especially often reused.

The overall packaging use in 2018 was 2.04 million tonnes, of which 1.30 million tonnes (64%) was reused and 0.74 million tonnes (36%) was new packaging placed on the market.




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