Fazer renews its packaging responsibly

When 99% of packaging can be sorted for recycling, it would be a shame not to do it. Fazer helps consumers to sort packaging with its simplified sorting instructions.

By Anniina Niemistö / Fazer Bakery

Image Fazer

The Fazer Group is working in a systematic way to find eco-friendlier packaging materials and to reduce and recycle plastic.

At Fazer Bakery, for example, 99% of packaging can be sorted into separate recyclable sections. Other packaging materials will also be replaced by recyclable materials in the near future.

“We are constantly testing new packaging materials. Of the current options, plastic is still the best in terms of its protective characteristics. Plastic packaging extends the shelf life of bread and reduces food waste,” says Packaging Development Manager Piia Soininen-Tengvall of Fazer Bakery Finland.

30 million fewer bread bags every year 

Fazer Bakery aims to use 20% less plastic in 2025 compared to 2018. The amount of plastic is being reduced through measures such as streamlining the size of packages and using thinner materials. The new packaging for Oululainen Reissumies will save more than 25,000 kilogrammes of plastic – approximately 10 million bread bags’ worth – every year. The first renewed packages arrived in supermarkets in mid-February.

The amount of plastic is being reduced through measures such as streamlining the size of packages and using thinner materials.

Finns’ favourite bread, Oululainen Reissumies, was one of the first products to be sold in the new packages. The new custom-made packaging fits the bread better than the old packaging.

“We check every single package. The plastic reduction achieved with the Reissumies bag is just the beginning as we are going to reduce the amount of plastic we use and make it thinner whenever we can. This year we will reduce the amount of plastic by 30 million bread bags,” says Soininen-Tengvall.

Sorting is the solution

Many Finns find it challenging to sort packaging because recycling symbols can be difficult to understand. Many people do not know what the symbols mean or how different materials should be sorted. Fazer Bakery has started to change its recycling labels so that sorting instructions are spelled out on the packages in plain language.

“We have received a lot of good feedback from consumers on the new recycling instructions; people find them easy to understand,” Soininen-Tengvall continues.

Sorting instructions are spelled out in plain language.

The idea behind Fazer and Rinki’s collaboration is to increase mutual understanding of the current state of recycling as well as material design and recyclability of future packaging. These are big questions, and while solutions are being sought, producer responsibility issues are also being taken care of.

Food as a solution

Responsibility is an essential part of Fazer’s strategy as the company becomes a modern, responsible food company. Fazer sees food as a solution and wants to ensure responsible business practices throughout the value chain and to meet consumer expectations by delivering responsibly produced products and services.

The four ambitious goals of Fazer Group’s responsibility efforts are:

1) 50% less emissions

2) 50% less food waste

3) 100% responsibly sourced ingredients

4) more plant-based food products