Company: This is how you report the packages that remain on your property

By Rinki

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Packaging for companies and for consumers are reported separately on the Rinki declaration form. Many companies often wonder whether the packaging that remains on their premises should also be reported and the recycling fee paid for this. It can be a bit confusing when companies have already paid a waste haulage company to remove waste from their premises.

You can stop worrying: here’s how it works, as well as some tips on how your business can find its way in the reporting jungle.

Tip 1: packaging of products purchased from a company that operates overseas

When your company buys packaged products from abroad, your company must report the packaging that arrives and remains in Finland with these products in the Import column in the declaration form. These packages are also reported when they remain on your business premises or property.

Your company will also pay the recycling fee for these packages as they are completely new packaging on the Finnish market and also because a Finnish company is responsible for the packaging of the products it imports from an overseas seller. Read more: Producer responsibility.

 Tip 2: packaging of products purchased from a Finnish company

When your company buys packaged products from another company that operates in Finland, you do not need to include these packages on the declaration form. The reporting responsibility for these packages is with the seller, who also pays the related recycling fees.

If your company reuses the packaging that came with the above-mentioned products when packing its own products, report this in the Reuse column in the declaration form. Reuse is monitored for statistical purposes only, and there is no recycling fee for reused packaging.

Additional tip: another company packs or transports your company’s products

Your company must also report the packaging if the packing or logistics has been outsourced to another company, and it is your company that is responsible for paying the recycling fee in this case. The reporting responsibility cannot be transferred to a company that provides packaging or logistics services unless this is specifically agreed with the company and Rinki.

The waste management fees for your company’s premises are not included in the recycling fee

The recycling fees charged by Rinki cover the recycling of packaging placed on the Finnish market by a company and the recycling of consumer packaging in Finland. The collection of packaging waste from company premises is not included in these fees.

The company is responsible for sorting the packaging waste remaining on its premises and for arranging its transportation from the premises. Transport can be agreed on with a waste haulage company. The fee charged for the transportation service is a separate cost for the company and is not included in the recycling fees invoiced by Rinki.

The recycling fee charged by Rinki is used for funding the network of take-back points for packaging waste, where material is received free of charge, together with the transportation of the materials from the take-back points to the treatment plant and recycling them or turning them into raw material for new products.

For more information, please read: Sorting and collection of B2B packaging. Rinki’s corporate customer service team is also happy to help: +358 9 6162 3500,