Rinki’s 2021 consumer campaign was visible across Finland

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI's spring campaign reminded consumers about cleanliness of materials, tidiness of eco take-back points and how easy it is to sort their packaging waste. The campaign also informed consumers of the role that companies with producer responsibility play in the recycling efforts. Consumers’ understanding of producer responsibility and their willingness to sort increased as a result of the campaign.

By Heli Satuli & Taru Erma

Images: Rinki

Recycling our packaging is something we all need to do 

The aim of the Rinki campaign was to inform consumers that sorting and recycling packaging is an important part of both consumption and production. In Finland, companies that package products or import packaged products are responsible for recycling the packaging and the related costs. Consumers, in turn, are responsible for taking empty and clean packaging to a collection point, either to one at the building where they live or to the nearest Rinki eco take-back point. The campaign also reminded of the importance of the quality and cleanliness of the recycled material and the tidiness of the Rinki eco take-back points. The campaign slogan ‘Let’s make sure that packaging is recycled’ crystallised the campaign objective. 

The campaign survey* results show that the campaign succeeded in communicating the relevant issues in a clear manner and that it had a positive effect on consumers’ views of companies that bear producer responsibility. As many as eight out of ten respondents (81%) felt that the campaign clarified the meaning of producer responsibility and the role of the companies in recycling the packaging. More than half (61%) of the respondents said that the campaign managed to clarify the sorting of packaging and its impact on the environment. 

Let’s make sure that packaging is recycled – the campaign in a nutshell 

  • Campaign period: 18 March–30 May 2021 
  • Target group: all consumers in Finland  
  • Campaign materials: 6 films, 5 radio spots, 47 images, a campaign page on the Rinki website, nationwide press release and material package for stakeholders  

The campaign was informative and inspired people to sort their packaging waste  

The campaign had a positive impact on people’s eagerness to sort their packaging waste. According to the survey, almost seven out of ten respondents (65%) remembered the campaign’s sorting message. Respondents also said that the campaign will encourage them to sort their waste more actively in the future (64% of the respondents). Almost a quarter of the respondents also said that the campaign had prompted them to visit the rinkiin.fi website. The results show that consumers received new information about sorting, recycling and producer responsibility. The campaign was said to have clarified the different aspects of sorting the packaging.  

The overall reach left room for improvement 

Consumers liked the retro-campaign look with a modern twist. Among the media used in the campaign, consumers preferred the radio spots, which were liked by almost 60% of the respondents. The majority of the respondents also liked the advertising on social media and the videos. The attention value of the campaign, however, remained low as only 12% of the respondents spontaneously remembered having seen Rinki’s advertising shortly before the survey.  

-A higher attention value across the country would require bigger financial investments and more repetitions in the fragmented media sector. We are still pleased to learn that consumers liked the look and content of the campaign. There is clearly a need for this type of campaign, and the results will be a good basis for new plans, says Rinki’s Communications Manager Heli Satuli 

Check out the campaign website: Let’s make sure that packaging is recycled 

*The survey, conducted by Kuulas Helsinki, was answered by 400 consumers aged 18–64 across Finland.  

The results of the campaign survey emphasised the clarity of the ads and the positive way that the campaign stood out amongst other ads.

This went well:  

  • Consumers liked the look of the campaign. Similarly, the campaign messages were found to be clear and the topic interesting. 
  • 81% of the respondents said that the campaign had clarified the role of companies with producer responsibility in the recycling efforts. 
  • More than two-thirds of the respondents said that the campaign has prompted them to sort their packaging waste more actively. 
  • 61% of the respondents said that the campaign also clarified the processes of sorting and recycling packaging and the impact on the environment. 
  • 85% of the respondents had a fairly or very positive view of companies that bear producer responsibility. 

This requires improvement:  

  • The campaign’s attention value was low. Only 12% of the respondents remembered having seen any ads, and the total attention value was 17%. The campaign, however, reached one in four young people.