2019 packaging statistics have been published – the recycling rate for plastic packaging increased significantly

The Pirkanmaa ELY Centre has published the packaging statistics for 2019. Here are the most important findings from the statistics.

By Rinki

Images Rinki

In 2019, the total use of packaging increased by 2% from the previous year. The volume of packaging placed on the market increased by 4.5% and reuse by 0.6%. 

The total recycling rate for packaging waste rose to 71%, from the overall recycling rate of 70% in 2018. 

The reuse rate dropped to 63% from the previous years 64%. The highest reuse rates were for metal, plastic and wooden packaging. 

More plastic packaging was recycled, while online shopping has increased the volume of fibre packaging 

Finnish people have shown a record enthusiasm for sorting plastic packaging. In 2019, 42% of plastic packaging was recycled, up from the 2018 figure of 31%.  

The recycling rate of fibre packaging has long been more than 100%. The increase in online shopping, in particular, explains the volume of fibre packaging. 

The recycling rate for glass packaging was already close to 100% in 2019 at 98%. The recycling rate for metal packaging was 85% and for wood packaging 27%, also a steady increase. 

In 2019, about 141 kg of packaging waste was generated by the average Finnish person. The EU28 average in 2018 was 174 kg per person. 

The statistics include both deposit and non-deposit packaging. 

You can view the packaging statistics in more detail on Rinki’s website.